Oil Gard FAQ’s

Q) How often should I treat my vehicle with Oil Gard products?
A) Oil Gard products are designed to be applied annually to your vehicle for the ultimate rust protection.

Q) When is the best time of year to Oil Gard my vehicle?
A) Rust is a problem that can affect vehicles year-round. Oil Gard formulas will protect your vehicle from rust no matter what time of year you choose to apply them. Many customers turn to Oil Gard in the fall to prepare for the freeze and thaw cycles of winter and the salt and sand on the roads – which is smart. But as long as you are using Oil Gard annually, your vehicle will be protected year round! Consider a summer Oil Gard application. In the warm weather the pores in the metal of your vehicle open for maximum penetration of anti-rust compounds.

Q) What if there is rust visible on my vehicle already?
A) Until you see an auto body specialist, it is a good idea to spot treat any rust you see on your vehicle with Oil Gard Aerosol. Oil Gard products are specifically designed to prevent rust and slow down the growth of rust that already exists on your vehicle.

Q) Does rainy and wet weather affect the application of Oil Gard?
A) Oil Gard products are designed to displace moisture while penetrating the pores of your vehicle’s metal. The products are water-resistant and will not be affected by wet weather. For added peace of mind, ask your Oil Gard dealer about the Rain Check program!

Q) Will using Oil Gard void my manufacturer’s warranty on my vehicle?
A) No it will not! We are happy to go over warranties with our customers! Auto manufacturers sell rust-proofing packages at their dealerships and they are all aftermarket products; no warranty says that aftermarket rust-proofing will void your manufacturer’s warranty.